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Valium general Information

Valium is a crystalline compound which is a derivative of benzodiazepine. The generic name for it is Diazepam which is available as tablets for oral administration. The drug also has several other street names including Vs, Yellow Vs, Blue Vs, downers, Foofoo, Howards, sleep away, dead flower powers, tranquilizers and Benzos. Diazepam aids in treating anxiety disorders, alcohol withdrawal symptoms and also, muscle contractions. Apart from the above mentioned treatments, Diazepam can also be used to treat seizures when used with other medication. Generic tablets of this medicine are available in an array of colors, starting from blue, yellow, green, white and orange.

How Generic Valium Is Taken.

Generic Valium is administered to patients with a prescription label. Ensure you take it exactly as prescribed to you by your health practitioner. Follow all instructions as per the prescription unless your doctor changes the dose. The drug should not be taken in smaller or larger amounts than recommended. Intake of it may form habitual traits because it is a habit forming medicine and if misused it can lead to death, addiction or over dose.

Start by measuring the liquid medicine with the syringe that has been provided or you can use a measuring spoon. Ensure you take the medicine for up to four months only and with the right prescription. Valium should not be taken for more than four months before consulting a doctor and also one should not use the medicine abruptly because this can lead to multiple seizures and withdrawal symptoms. While taking this drug, make sure you have your blood tested severally. Lastly, ensure you store the drug in a cool, dry place at room temperature between 59 and 86 degrees in a firmly closed container. Also, make sure the drug is stored away from reach of children and pet.


· Pregnant women should not take this drug because it poses a risk of malformations and other abnormalities on the unborn baby. Children born to mothers who have been using this medicine usually develop Hypothermia and withdrawal symptoms during the post natal pregnancy period. However, the use of Diazepam in pregnant women can be allowed only when the health practitioner affirms the risk to the fetus.

· Psychotic patients are not advised to use this drug because it has depressant effects.

· Patients are advised not to take in alcohol while using this drug because the drug will contribute to effects of alcohol and other medicines that slow down the nervous system.

· Elderly patients are not advised to use this drug because it might cause Cardiac arrest. The drug might also be dangerous for patients who are very sick.

· Precaution should be taken when prescribing the drug for people who have allergies, have suffered shock or comma, have liver disorder, sleep Apnia and patients on dialysis.

Side Effects.

Generic Valium is known to cause drowsiness, dizziness, blurred vision, muscle weakness, yellow eyes and skin, vomiting of blood, unusual bleeding behavior when bruised, ulcers in the mouth, trouble speaking and concentrating, sweating and unsteadiness during walking.

How to Buy Valium Online.

Cheap Valium can be found on various online medical sites. These websites give the patient information about this drug that one might not be aware of, the age group of the patients who should take different dosages and proper medical advice. One can buy Valium online at $ 1.50 per pill and for 90 pills which weigh 5mg at $ 190.

Patients who use Valium are advised not to use the drug with other prescriptions unless they have consulted with their health providers. The medicine can be taken with or without food and patients are advised to tell their doctors if they have any dental care issues or have ever undergone surgery before taking it.

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