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When natural phenomenon like sleep goes beyond limits,things are not always good.Excessive sleep can be embarrassing especially when it takes over important events such as meetings and gatherings, where concentration is key.Though excessive sleep may be normal at times,persistent urge to sleep for lengthy periods of time could be a medical issue.In case of such sleep disorders,medical attention should be sort to remedy the situation.Drugs will be prescribed as part of the intervention and provigil is one of them.

(i)What provigil is and what it is used for. Madafinil belongs to a category of drugs called wakefulness promoting agents and acts on the brain where it manipulates levels of certain chemicals that controls sleep.It is the drug of choice in treatment of excessive sleep disorders which manifest during day time or during work shifts.If the sleep disorder is as result of OSAHS(obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome),provigil is used together with breathing devices to ensure the patient breaths normally during sleep. (ii)How to use provigil provigil presents as a 200mg tablet meant for oral administration.It is taken is before meals once daily.For excessive day time sleep disorder or OSAHS,it is advisable that you take provigil in the morning without food.For work shift sleep disorders,the drug should be take at least one hour before work commences.It is good to take the drug at same time of the day and in case you have to change time maybe due to a change in work shift,consult your doctor before.Read the directions on the prescription and follow them carefully before using provigil.In case you don't understand part of the information written,ask your pharmacist for assistance and follow their advice. (iii)Side effects,precautions and storage. Like any other drug,provigil also has some side effects.These side effects vary from individual to individual but are by far outweighed by the the advantages of provigil.Majority of patients have reported effects such as;nausea,headache,dizziness,loss of appetite, unusual tastes,tight muscles, sweating,and flushing. When taking provigil it is good to inform your physician of any allergic reaction you are likely to suffer from upon taking provigil or other related drugs.Inform him/her about the current drugs or supplements that you are using,especially blood thinners such as warfarin as well as antidepressants such as amitriptyline.This will enable your doctor make any necessary changes on you dose and monitor your progress appropriately.You should also disclose to your physician about your pregnancy status, alcoholism, cases of drug abuse,and whether you are on contraceptives.This will enable him make the right judgement on how you should use provigil. Care should be taken if you are likely to drive a vehicle or operate a machine after using modafinli.This is because provigil may affect your judgement thus leading to accidents,injuries or even death. When storing provigil,keep it in the container it came with away from the reach of children.Store at room temperature in a dry place where pests cannot access it.Dispose off any unrequired or expired drug as instructed by your physician. (iv)How to buy provigil You can buy generic provigil from you local store or you may opt to buy provigil online through online pharmacies.Buying from your local stores requires you to have a prescription from your doctor which may not be the case with online shopping.When you go the online way,provigil will be delivered at your door step without you having to move out of your house. There are many online pharmacies selling cheap provigil but make sure you source it from a reputable online pharmacy that is fully registered by the relevant authorities.This will save you from buying fake products in the name of provigil.

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