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Various people are affected by the chronic disease of obesity and frequently need medical treatment to control obesity.

Adipex is a drug which can be utilized to controlling obesity.

However, adipex must be utilized by patients only who are vulnerable to medical risk owing to their obesity. For cosmetic weight loss it should not be utilized. Composition of the medicine adipex is obtained in tablet form which is utilized for management of obesity in short duration. It is available in numbers of colors and in capsule or tablet form and are found in strengths of 37.5, 30 and 15 mg. Adipex acts by suppressing the urge of appetite through a mechanism within the brain. However, utilization of adipex together with other suppressant medicines of appetite is not suggested usually. Patients who require losing weight to eliminate disease related with obesity are effectively treated with adipex therapy. The effect of weight loss by utilizing adipex would rely on the graded exercise program and on the quantum of caloric restriction. Should be used for short term only adipex must be utilized as a medicine for short duration to assist patients to begin weight loss when the concerned patient undergoes long term changes permanently in their affinity towards exercise and food. The body begins to develop a resistance owing to the effects of adipex when the treatment is continued for few weeks and within this time there will be a change in the lifestyle of the patient and prepared for stopping the utilization of adipex when at the same time keeping a normal weight consistently. For gaining the optimum result, adipex should be utilized in conjunction with an exercise and diet program. The generic name of the medicine is adipex and this is marketed under various brand names such as IONAMIN and ADIPEX-P. Various well liked brand names are there in respect of adipex. So as to control the obesity, all of them are clinically considered which are capable of producing equivalent weight loss. Adipex is available in time-release or immediate release formulas. Time release capsules of adipex works within eight to twelve hours while immediate release acts very quickly.

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